Sky above, water below, surrounded by nature… the definition of joy!

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in the Forest of Dean

Play at Your Edge and Celebrate Your Falls

I love seeing the joy on student’s faces..

As they try something new, conquer their fears, and learn a new skill.

Karen - founder/teacher

Come play with us...
...we’ll support you to get on a board for the first time and we’ll challenge you if you are ready to go further.

find us at Mallard’s Pike Lake in the Forest of Dean

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a fun yet challenging practise. SUP is ideal for those looking for an accessible entry into water sports activities. For those looking to reconnect with nature. For those looking to find their tribe of like-minded people. From beginners to advanced paddlers it offers fun, challenge and peace in equal measures. Falling in the water is all part of the fun. The freedom to fall, to embrace what we might see as failing helps us to let go of our expectations and self-judgement.


Why join us???

What you said...

  • “I have had the most fabulous 6 weeks of SUP yoga and will really miss it. It has been a lovely way to start my introduction into yoga and long may it last.”


  • “Absolutely loved last night, SUP Yoga is probably my new favourite thing! My stomach muscles ache today but a good ache! Must have been trying very hard not to fall in! Looking forward to next week..”


  • “I absolutely loved it! I found it quite challenging and it took lots of concentration, but I felt completely energised by it. See you next week.”  



Come join us and see what you are capable of.

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About SUP FoD

SUP FoD is the Forest of Dean’s leading stand up paddle board program operating under Pedal A Bike Away. The team at SUP FoD all share a commitment to delivering an impeccable and empowering experience on the water. They are also some of the most fun people you will ever meet!

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